Unrealistic Expectations…

I’m kind of bad at this whole blogging thing, but that isn’t really a surprise to me. I’ve been trying to do this for what feels like a couple of decades now*, and have never been able to keep it up consistently. I write as a hobby, still, but a lot of what I’ve been working on has been related to side projects, like the D&D game that I run or the games me and a buddy have been trying to get around to making since we met.

Lately, though, the bigger problem in trying to write has been stress and frustration around trying to find a home. I.e., trying, and thus far failing, to buy a home.  By itself, that would be frustrating enough, but the issue has been that the place we are currently renting is also up for sale.

So we get to deal with the constant disruption of people wanting to come look at it (as an aside, who buys half a duplex), and realtors who are very deserving of a punch to the face when being unreasonable about time. Seriously, who asks to look at an occupied house at 8 PM, and when told no because there are young kids in the house ask if 9 PM would be better. That person is either deaf or idiotic, and deserving of the tempers lost on the call (normally I cool off, but that was days ago and it still annoys me).

I’ll admit that part of this is self inflicted. We’re trying to stay in the same elementary school, so that’s a geographic limitation. We’re obviously set on a price budget, and not willing to go above it (though the budget at this point would cover a majority of houses in our area… but there’s a problem here where people are buying, remodeling, and flipping houses that are both ruining them and pushing them out of our price range). It’s a good school, and we’re looking at a decade of having kids in it, so something worthwhile to keep pushing at.

Yet we seem to have a bit of a glut of some unrealistic sellers as well. We offered on a house that was clearly overpriced, based on the location and what it was, as well as compared to other houses in the same area that had sold recently. We made an initial offer that was low with the intent of negotiating upwards… you know, like you do, and got back “if the offer isn’t at the listing price the seller won’t consider it.” Despite having on there as a “motivated seller, bring all offers.”

Not motivated enough, I guess. The problem here is that the house isn’t just overprice, but it wouldn’t be able to get an assessment at that point either. Which means no one would be able to get a loan in order to purchase it, because a bank isn’t going to give extra money without the house to back it up. My guess is that the seller put some money into updates or repairs, and is under the unrealistic expectation that every dollar in puts a dollar on the value (which is dumb even for upgrades, but especially for repairs).

So we’re back to looking… and waiting and hoping for something to pop up. At the same time, we have a sword hanging over our heads, because if our current place sells, we’re going to have to move and find a new place to rent in the district. There are some, but we’re signing on to a lease that way which means we put our house buying on hold when that happens.

I’m actually not the type to get overly stressed. I mean, everyone does get stressed out, but I try to only focus on things I can control and not as much on the things I can’t. It doesn’t always work, but here, it’s not just focusing on the things I can’t. We feel unwelcome in our own home, could end up forced out, and suddenly may need to scramble and move once or even twice in the next year. It’s hard to get any relaxation or settling when you could end up having to grab all of your belongings, and a cat, and kill a couple of hours. We haven’t been able to have dinner at home several times as well, and all of these things are just piling up.

Maybe our expectations are unrealistic, but looking at what houses are selling for I’m not certain that’s the case. Here’s hoping we find a great house, or the seller that’s being an idiot realizes they’re going to be sitting on an empty house for some time unless they pull their head out of their ass. Or, you know, I get the fun of finding a rental and moving again.


*Actually almost exactly two decades… my first “blog” was before there were even blogs. As a sophomore in college, I created “Digital Whispers Art Gallery” to showcase 3D renderings and artwork I was doing. I just made up the name one night when my roommates and I were trying to set up a LAN for our desktops, and had to name my computer. The first thing that popped into my head was “Whisper”… no idea why, really, and then it just sort of stuck. I put the digital in front of the name because that’s what we did in the 90s, and digitalwhispers became my online persona, which was eventually shortened to dwhisper. And thus, the name of this site.