Goodbye Last Year, Hello New Year

I joke about 2016 and all of the celebrity deaths, while knowing full well that there were likely no more and no fewer deaths this year than any other. It just stung a bit more this year, with Bowie, Prince, Rickman, Fisher, Vigoda, and so many more leaving us. A bunch of them weren’t a surprise, even when any death is sad, some certainly aren’t all that shocking. Some of them certainly were, since I was pretty sure Bowie would outlive us all.

This certainly was a year of some pretty awful things. It should be clear exactly how I feel about the upcoming change in administration, but I’m not going to go into that here. I we almost all will learn to regret it over the next few years, since the people it will hurt disproportionately are the same ones that brought about the change. At the same time, I have little interest in crying and wailing over the thing… that won’t change the reality of it.

I live my life with a few basic ideals, and one of them is that regret serves little purpose. Learn from your mistakes and from the past, but no amount of obsessing over what has past will change anything that has happened. You can only affect what is to come, so no matter how bad you think the world is around you, instead of complaining about it, actually do something to change the bit of the world around you that you can control.

I’m not one for resolutions, mostly because I don’t think you should wait for an arbitrary day to decide if you want to change or not. If you want change, start local, and don’t be afraid to accept small steps to get there. Nothing worthwhile is ever gained when you only focus on the end step instead of all the steps that got you there. So here’s to a bunch of small steps in 2017.